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MARI IANIQ is a high-end brand of furniture, lighting and accessories providing bespoke pieces and solutions for luxury interiors. Our exceptionally elegant pieces are inspired by elements of Haute Couture and collectable jewellery. Each piece adorns its space like a jewel in its own right.




Mari Paulina C. Janiq is the name behind this eponymous British brand. Designer and journalist, she lives and designs in central London. Mari Paulina works with her team of experienced masters to create bespoke furniture that is exquisitely designed, of the highest quality, comfortable and functional. MARI IANIQ’s design process for every new collection starts with her personal inspiration.




MARI IANIQ draws inspiration from the surrounding world: nature, fine art and architecture, but most importantly from Haute Couture and collectable jewellery, subtly incorporating elements of Ancient Art and Art Deco shapes. The resulting designs are rich but not overstated, timeless and unique – eternal symbols of exceptional taste and discernment.




Following trends in high fashion, at MARI IANIQ we play with pearls, crystals, gemstones and antiqued mirror as well as gentle beading and fluting in our designs, which feature as heavily or subtly as the client wishes, as all our products are bespoke. Other signature MARI IANIQ design features are cut corners, empty, floating shapes, contrasting textures and materials, and our unique, refined metallic patinas in various subtle metallic shades, which lend a sophisticated finish to all pieces.
All MARI IANIQ creations are timeless, though subtly incorporating elements of Ancient Art and Art Deco shapes.




The design process begins with meticulous research and intricate sketches. Here, ergonomics and comfort are top priority. The prototype is built from the materials best suited to its function. Each part is carefully thought through and perfectly fitted: armrests are shaped and positioned for maximum comfort, drawers open and close at the touch of a finger or can be electrically operated. Some sections may have digital or fingerprint access. Upholstered pieces are made basing on wooden frames and to the requested level of softness, using padding, feathers and even down if requested.




Intricately applied finishes, engravings, patinas made from several hand-polished layers, nacre or mother of pearl inlays: all are testament to MARI IANIQ’s originality and commitment to exquisite perfection. Pearls and gemstones are selected and applied individually, to make each piece unique. Metal features can be made of steel, brass or bronze but can also be silver or gold plated. We work with the best textile producers to achieve exceptional combinations of fibers and a wide palette of refined hues. MARI IANIQ puts great emphasis on perfect colour matching in an object or scheme, which results in the most aesthetically pleasing final effect.




MARI IANIQ is about perfection, attention to detail and commitment to the highest degree of quality. All MARI IANIQ’s items are hand-crafted by the most experienced artisans, produced from the finest materials, following traditional techniques. MARI IANIQ’s focus is quality not quantity. Every small element has its own place and no choice is accidental. While the collection is extensive, nothing is mass produced and each piece is lovingly tailor-made to the client’s needs.




MARI IANIQ products are not for everyone – we value the custom of those clients who are discerning enough to understand and enjoy design at its very best.

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Copyright©MARIIANIQ 2017